how it works

Every great story starts with a great experience!

Be Bang is the first international platform that empowers brands and digital influencers to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Be Bang is NOT a “paid to review” site…

… not even an “alternative.”

All experiences shared by Be Bang users must, and will be real consumer experiences, unbiased and informative, the kind of experiences that communicate instead of selling, that engage instead of pushing, that reveal the true nature of a product/brand/service or destination, instead of just using marketing slang to tweak interest and generate sales.

In short, Be Bang means “real customer experience” for all brands, influencers and their followers.

For Influencers:
Your influence is the key to great experiences

If you are a leader in your field, on any digital platform, Be Bang is here to empower you to communicate directly with any brand or business you are interested in, first hand. Join Be Bang to discover a world of opportunities: authentic hospitality, bang-up new products, fashion designers, the latest cinematic productions, innovative services, and everything else in between, without having to respond to a middleman.

  • There are no less than six universes here to explore: travel, fashion & beauty, gastronomy, events, wellness and technology. Be Bang lines up the path for you to discover exclusive offers designed to match all your expectations.
  • No more unsolicited emails in your mailbox, luring you into trying one product or another. No more PR pitches and sales slang. Be Bang gives you the power to choose, unperturbed by third parties.
  • Exclusive is an absolute term, and we are reinventing its definition. Being a trusted brand ambassador on Be Bang means that what you get to experience through us will never be available anywhere else on the Internet, ever.

So, join us in an adventure like no other. For everything posh, exclusive, luxurious, even the “I-won’t-believe-it-until-I-see-it,” Be Bang is T.H.E. address – bookmark it, remember it, tuck it in your little black book hidden from the rest of the world.

Discover our universes, start working directly with the brands you love, and do what you do best: share great stories with your readers, inspire your community, and finally, create your own experience.

Join the Community

For Brands:
Authentic social recommendations from influencers

Any brand can enjoy the benefits of real customer reviews. Whatever incentive you choose to offer to attract an influencer, you can submit that to Be Bang, to allow opinion leaders to make an informed decision on whether to review your offer, or not.

Be Bang is already trusted by leading brands, true key players in each of their fields. By using our platform, businesses find the right path to the right audiences: bloggers, Instagram and Pinterest power users, Twitter mavens, and other social media leaders, who relate their opinions about a brand, product or service, based on real-life experiences. Join Be Bang to capitalize on word-of-mouth publicity.